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Introducing TRIUMPH!

Updated: Sep 25, 2023


This journey began in July 2020 when the significant engagement that the #BlackLivesMatter campaign received in the month prior led to a meeting called ‘Space to Talk’ was held amongst members of the UK Youth Innovator group. This conversation highlighted the agreement amongst sector colleagues that Racial Inequality does exist in the sector. Shortly after this meeting, UK Youth’s #YoungandBlackCampaign, which included a range of storytelling and further dialogue amongst sector professionals, saw some Youth Workers share that they felt uncomfortable and unequipped to address the issues of racism that exist in wider society within their organisations and with young people they serve.

Moving into 2021, conversations amongst the diverse group of professionals make up our TRIUMPH action group, combined with a further Screening Survey of sector professionals across the UK, have reinforced the damaging impact that a sub-par response to racial injustice will continue to have. To make matters worse, we have seen horrific reports of significant, previously well-respected, charities who have been found to have poor standards, inclusivity and culture so it begs the question…what else is happening?

Our stance:

Having reflected on conversations, reviewed information provided and considered the perspectives provided throughout all of the aforementioned efforts, we conclude that:

  1. The sector’s response to the #BlackLivesMatter movement was inadequate and insufficient to address the SYSTEMIC issue of racial inequality that exists.

  2. Organisations and sector colleagues found it challenging to respond overall and felt unequipped due to a lack of skills, experience and understanding.

  3. Organisations and sector colleagues lacked the tools needed to make their efforts sustainable and impactful.

We acknowledge some of the activity that organisations chose to do in 2020, but we say unapologetically Statements alone, Conversations alone and Social Media campaigns alone will not tackle the issue at hand.


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